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Simplify Traffic Control

The safest, most cost effective traffic control system

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1 person can roll off truck or trailer – Fits short box trucks.

Extend legs and mast with any power drill or by hand


Start traffic control in less than 3 minutes with the easy-to-use app. No computer skills required!

One person can now safely manage the entire site!

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Technical Specifications

Fullly rugged, meets all regulations

  • One person required for system set up. System setup time is 25 minutes from arrival to full lane closure.
Collapsed vs Set-up Photos
fully set-up

fully set-up

collapsed smartflagger system on truck

collapsed smartflagger system: two units in pickup truck

Stabilizing & Levelling
adjustable outriggers for leveling and stabllity

Adjustable outriggers for leveling and stability tested in winds up to 90mph

Power Source
  • Rechargeable batteries with 36 hour life. Can be swapped in-field with fresh batteries
  • Generator and solar attachments available for longer life
  • Each signal has a conflict monitoring chip and full redundancy of critical systems
  • SmartFlagger software prevents common human errors and will never allow head-on traffic – it’s always thinking, even when you forget