We Deploy

We send a certified deployment specialist to train your crew in your office location.

Day 1:

Day 1 consists of soft training offsite. This gives plenty of time to play, learn and have fun with Smart Flaggers before heading onsite.

Out goal is to make the process of transitioning from traditional flagging to SmartFlaggers seamless.

We proudly offer on-going training and support.

Day 2-4:

Days 2, 3 and 4 consist of LIVE onsite training. Operators will put their practical training to test as they setup and control traffic with the Guardian Smart Flaggers.


We Integrate

We ensure a full and seamless integration of our SmartFlaggers into your business plan. We train your employees in the operation and transportation of the devices, as well as traffic preparedness.

Stay Connected to Your Site

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We Integrate Safety

  • SmartFlaggers with Site 2020’s recommended Traffic Plan increase motorist compliance.
  • Controlled out of harms way.
  • Current partners are seeing levels of motorist compliance they never thought possible.
  • In a Texas A&M study – motorist agreed that they would be 56% more likely to comply.
  • Holding motorist accountable for running work zones all over North America.
  • Changing Driver behavior.



We Support

Partner Portal

Provides access to a live map of sites with Guardian SmartFlaggers deployed, including a Google Street View of in field signage. Available on mobile for field operations.

24/7 Customer Service

Contact us via 1 800 470 3077 at any time for remote technical support. Our support line reaches Site 2020’s Deployment Team anytime, any day and if you need us we guarantee that we will provide onsite repairs and support within 24 hours anywhere in North America!


Where we Work

Our Guardian SmartFlagger has gained regulatory approvals for road usage in almost every single US State and Canadian Province. Reach out to us today to see if we are approved in your state/province!

Call us Today - 1-800-470-3077