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About  Us

Site 2020 was founded to make your job easier

Construction Technology That Makes Sense

Flaggers on road construction sites are in the most dangerous positions, standing directly in traffic. Not only this, but flagging is a very undesirable job and every construction company we’ve spoken with has complained how hard it is to hire and keep flaggers. Site 2020 was founded in 2015 to solve these problems. After validating the flagging problem with all road users – construction companies, flagging contractors, police, fire, municipalities and states – Site 2020 designed and built the S2 System with continuous feedback from flaggers and construction companies. The S2 System has been built by foreman, company owners and flaggers to fit their own needs.

The S2 System combines an easy, “Common Sense” interface with high tech under the hood to combine the decision making judgement of a human operator with a smart, always-watching automated system. This is unique in the automated flagging industry.

We built our system for you to save money. Get in contact today and let’s make this happen!


Our Team

Founded as a Dalhousie University project by Mitch Hollohan and Cole Campbell, Site 2020 quickly grew from a 2-man team into the multimillion dollar company it is today. Our team has grown to include finance experts, key construction industry advisors and experienced engineers with years in the rugged oil-and-gas industry.