The Smarter Choice of Traffic Control Solutions

Our goal at Site2020 is to offer a smart traffic control system that combines an easy, common sense, tablet interface with the advanced technology within each Guardian Smartflagger unit. This connected system compliments the judgment of a human operator with a smart automated system. We are proud to offer a unique offering to the automated flagging industry.

Site2020 designed and built the Guardian Smartflagger system to address current technical limitations in the industry, solve onsite resourcing issues, ensure safe work zones, and be the smarter choice. The system couldn’t be as intuitive and smart as it is without continuous feedback from leading flaggers and construction companies in Canada and the United States. Over the last few years, we have validated our technology with test users at construction companies, flagging contractors, police departments, fire departments, and with municipal and state government officials.

Site2020 was founded by Mitch Hollohan. It has grown significantly and now sees team members working with organizations all across North America. The company couldn’t have achieved its current rate of growth without key resources and trusted advisors in the construction and engineering industries.

As the smarter choice of traffic control solutions, our cutting-edge technology directly increases safety, lowers costs, and lets companies focus on what they do best. We are the smarter choice.

Clients using our SmartFlaggers

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